Test Your Metal 2015


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Hey loves! Let’s finally get you updated on things. Today makes 10 weeks out till my next meet. That’s the most exciting news 🙂

Last weekend I did Test Your Metal…again. This makes my fourth year of doing it. This year was AWESOME. Minus the start time. They moved it up an hour so we had to be there by 7-7:45 for athlete check in. Being that it’s a little far away, that made for an EARLY wake up call. Not that it matters much, my body doesn’t really “sleep-in” since camp started.

As always, the gym rolled pretty deep. I think we had 10 teams this year, give or take. It was a good mix of folks from both gyms and levels. My team, Team Shrug Life, was the last heat, so I missed a lot of people going after the first round ha. Dude metcons kick my ass 🙂

Every workout was an 8 min AMRAP. First up was 16 syncronized snatches, 25 yd team carry with only one set of feet on the ground, 8 syncronized burpees over a bar, 25 yd team carry. We did really well on this, except for the burpees haha! The guys kicked ass because they had to walk on their hands the whole time. That would have murdered my shoulder 😦
Next up was 0-2min the boys did an AMRAP of 15 KB swings/max cal row (switching spots), 2-4 mins it was our turn. The boys did really well on this. Niki and I smashed it. This was our jam!!

The next 4 mins each teammate took a turn getting as many deadlifts in a min as possible. During 4-5 you had to load the bar and the first boy had to DL. during 6-7 you had to switch the weight to the girl weight and the first girl went. I pulled 28 in a min. Considering how much I HATE deadlifts, I’ll take it!

The boys moved really well, and Niki beat her goal! We were super happy with how this workout went for out team.

The last workout was stations. 12 hang DB power cleans, 12 heavy jump ropes, 12 shoulder to overhead, 12 goblet squats. We smashed it! I can’t jump (not worth messing with my achilles) so was going to stay on hang DB power cleans, but the curls killed me. My legs were fine so switched to gobs which through the group off some, but they are amazing and just filled into what needed to be done. Niki made the call because she’s smart as hell! We all really liked this one. And were happy to be done ha 🙂

PS that pic cracks me up – Lucas checking his guns and my face at him ha!

It was a great day. I had an absolute blast with my team. Lucas, Niki and Ramos! I got to catch up with some members I haven’t seen in a while, got to talk with Ash and figure out how small my world is and just enjoy being out of the normal training.

Always enjoying the adventure! Until next time 🙂